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Dr. sci. Tamara Brown (PhD)
 Dr. sci. Tamara Brown (PhD)

How long will it take you to find a perfect match?

Let me describe you two scenarios, and tell me which one you would prefer if it was you.

Scenario 1
Tom is single. He's a very romantic guy. Roses, red wine and candle light. For the right girl, of course. He's in pursue of his Mrs. Right. She's out there somewhere, no doubt! He met someone interesting on Jeniffer's party two weeks ago. They had very good chemistry. Didn't talk much though, but they'll have plenty of time for that, he thinks. Plenty of time came and went, coz she can't stand dogs, and he's got two at home.
Must love dogs, he makes a mental note. He got talking to a very interesting girl on a lunch break the other day, very smart lassie, but simply couldn't bring himself to imagine doing anything more then talk with her. Must be hot, he makes another mental note.
So he decides to go online. Smart move, he thinks to himself, he'll find a girl in no time.
And he does, a few as a matter of fact. But despite their pleasant looks, and matching profiles, there's no raise in heart beat, no butterflies in the stomach, he leaves for home alone, every time. Our romantic Tom eventually did find the perfect Mrs. Tom by meeting Hannah who was as perfect as he could hope for, and it came with a bonus coz it was that amazing and rare blood racing, heavy breathing kind of first time meeting too! So he's happy coz after 9 months of searching, and numerous dates, he finally found the One. It was worth the wait, he thinks.

Scenario 2
Tom is on a dating site. He has a GenePartnerID. Hannah is on the same dating site. She also has a GenePartnerID. They come up in each other's searches as high social compatibility AND biological compatibility match. After few days of chatting they are both excited because they discovered they are totally on the same wave length! They decide to meet each other in person. She invites him for a nice dinner. They leave the dinner table before the desert is served, leaving peaces of clothes on the floor on the way to the bedroom.
Tom is blissfully happy. He's found the Mrs. Tom. And it was only month and a half ago that he took the plunge and went on his online search. Isn't life great, he thinks.

Zurich, 30.01.2013