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Dipl. Biol Joelle Apter
 Dipl. Biol Joelle Apter

The Jewish Gene

Ethnic groups, which often marry among themselves and procreate, are also genetically 'linked'. It is a known fact and scientifically accepted that there are genetic patterns that occur frequently in Jews.

Not at all surprising. More surprising is the dismay shown by society in this regard. Is it really that bad if population groups differ from each other genetically if it is possible to determine a person's own background by means of a simple DNA test?

Critics say that a DNA origins test could be abused for the purposes of racism. Quite true. However, since nobody knows in advance, where all her or his ancestors come from, the abuser would have to be tested first. Ultimately, a patchwork of different ancestors can be found behind every one of us.

Today, every person has the opportunity to have her or his DNA tested to establish her or his genetic background. This is very popular among people whose families have spread all over the world because of unrest, war or expulsion as is the case with the Jewish community.

Knowledge of one's own background is important to many and usually becomes increasingly so as we get older. A simple saliva sample (iGENEA) now makes it possible to gain information that enables a person to look back thousands of years into her or his past, by virtue of which it is possible to find people all over the world with whom contact was lost generations ago. DNA genealogy connects.

Zurich, 06.10.2013