Baby Gender DNA test

The gender determination test shows, without any risk for the unborn child, if your child is a girl or a boy. The gender determination test is feasible from the 9th/10th week of pregnancy. This test analyses the DNA of the fetus which can be found in the urine of the mother. Therefore it is a non-invasive, total risk free test with a very high level of accuracy. The sample collection can be done with the sample collection set that will be sent to you.


Provider: easyDNA
Price: from EUR 280
Duration: about 7 days
    The gender determination test shows, without risk to the unborn child, if it is a girl or boy. The test is practicable from the 9th week of pregnancy.
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The advances in the field of DNA testing allow a sex determination test of the unborn child by analysing the mother's urine sample. The baby's DNA is isolated and examined for the presence of male and female DNA. The presence of male DNA shows that the unborn child is male. Missing male DNA in the urine of the mother shows that the fetus is female.